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What You See Is What You Get In 3D!

Wysiwyg 3D ® is Australia's leading 3D scanning service provider. With experienced and knowledgeable staff and the latest in 3D scanning technology Wysiwyg 3D is able to scan any object for a range of industries.

WYSIWYG 3D specialises in 3D scanning services, including

WYSIWYG 3D can 3D scan objects from the size of a building to a small coin for a range of industries and software programs. Visit our Faq's for more on File Outputs.

WYSIWYG 3D staff have significant experience (over 10 years) in manufacturing, tooling, composites, 3D scanning and drafting. Our professional experience includes 3D scanning people, automotive tools and parts, packaging tools, vehicles and composite moulds, teeth, jewellery among many others.

With literally thousands of scanning projects under our belt you have the Wysiwyg 3D guarantee!

WYSIWYG 3D uses 3D scanning technology that is mobile so that an on-site service is available nationally. Objects can also be sent to WYSIWYG 3D for 3D scanning on our premises.

Why settle for 2D when you can capture every detail of your part in 3D!

Goal: To ensure our customers see the world in 3D!

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Latest News

Scanning Around the World

Friday, 29 August 2014
Clearly 3D technology is the way of the future - find out who's using 3D Scanning and 3D Printing - It might even surprise you!

Powerhouse Museum will be opening it's door after hours to explore the

Festival’s theme of Design Futures with an array of hands-on things to do and see. Join the team at Wysiwyg 3D and have your head 3D Scanned and 3D Printed.  Thursday 21st August from 6pm.

3D Screenshot Courtesy Wysiwyg 3D: Joel Edgerton The Great Gatsby

Powerhouse Museum in conjunction with Sydney Design Festival presents

Hack the Collection!

See ten Museum objects sitting beside their creative reinterpretations printed in the 3D FabLab.

It is the final result of ten designers remixing the collection as part of Hack the Collection.

Sugar bowl from the Powerhouse Museum collection, 3D scanned by Wysiwyg 3D

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"At Wysiwyg 3D ® we only commit to what we know we CAN deliver, and ALWAYS deliver what we Commit too! - This is the WYSIWYG 3D guarantee"

Shane Rolton

Owner and Managing Director

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