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Maximizing Laser Scanning Quality, Accuracy, and Efficiency in Manufacturing.

Can we fix it – yes we can! Find out how from Jay Leno who uses 3D Scanning and 3D Printing in the auto industry.

Local professor preserving digital model of Ithaca Falls House.

Missoula man captures Mercantile in 3D

3D VetSquad Initiative Will Train the Nation’s Heroes to Bring 3D Printing into Schools.

RAPID + TCT to Feature 3D Printed Pittsburgh Bridge Replicas

OceanGate Plans Manned Voyage To 3D Scan RMS Titanic In November 2017

3D printed train seat prototype helps POLGAR KFT save on costs and lead time

Army Veterinarian using animals to get students involved with 3D printing
India to expand virtual tourism with 3D reproductions of Buddhist Circuit monuments
Affordable 3D-printed organ models created by startup, now available for medical training
3D-design experts to show students imagination is the limit