Articles sourced from around the globe to give you ideas on how you can use the latest in 3D Technology right here in Australia from the Engineers at Wysiwyg 3D

3D Models are causing IP Problems.

St. Louis Traffic Accident Reconstruction Unit, feels that 3D laser scanning is the right tool at the right time for crime scene documentation.

It seems the Major Collision Investigation Unit of the Victorian Police would agree, what would take 6 hours has been reduced to 6 minutes!

The Future Of 3D Scanning And Its Impact On Industrial Quality Control

3D scanning equipment used to test the theory human brains and plants grow alike

Clinical trial finds 3D printed dentures are preferred to conventional cast metal dentures

Remembering the Gorbals Cross fountain – how a Caribbean monument holds the key to its resurrection

3D Scanners Play Important Role in Design of Arrinera Supercar

Underground chamber in Mexico is world’s fourth largest – known as the 3D Caves Project

Making History Accessible: 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and Forensics Archaeology Recreate the Face of the Lady of Cao

The British Museum publishes the first 3D scan of the Rosetta Stone online

NASA Uses Artec 3D Scanner to Build Virtual Reality Training Environment

Seeing the wood in the trees – Network Rail tackles troublesome trees

Marshmallow Laser Feast bring 360⁰ virtual reality experience to Barrow