Egyptologists excavate 2,500-year-old mummy and 3D scan Mer-Neith-it-es.

The coffin had been at Sydney University for more than 150 years but nobody realised it was full of human remains but ‘Who is inside the coffin?'” investigation lead and Senior Curator Nicolson Museum Dr Jamie Fraser said.

“The latest modern technology is being used to try to solve this ancient mystery. The first step is to laser-image the coffin and its contents to create a high-resolution 3-D model” Julia Holman ABC 7.30 Reporter.

The Nicholson Museum team think the 3D digital model of the coffin is “amazing” and we have to agree – the team at Wysiwyg3d captured 34992310 Polygons and 2684354560 bit texcels taking weeks to stitch every pixel and polygon back together.

We have captured a very accurate archival record, says Shane Rolton Managing Director Wysiwyg 3D.

The Mer-Neith-it-es’ coffin, along with three others owned by the Nicholson Museum, will be exhibited in a new museum on the university grounds.

Proud to be associated with such an amazing project – it’s not everyday you get to be a part of an amazing and ground breaking discovery led by a passionate team of archaeologists – it’s inspiring and contagious!

For the full story on the ABC 7.30 Report Visit Here or for the full article on ABC News

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