Questions to Ask when selecting a 3D Scanning Services Provider!

So you’ve searched Google and received a bunch of quotes from the growing list of 3D Scanning providers, as with all service providers the prices could vary enormously so how do you choose a 3D scanning service provider, what’s the difference between us and them, isn’t is just 3d scan data and pushing a button!

Here’s a list of questions to ask your 3D Scanning provider.

  • What file formats are available?
  • Can they supply multiple res?
  • What resolution are you proposing?
  • Are you processing data in-house or somewhere overseas?
  • What level of data security do you have?
  • Do you re topo the raw data?
  • What projects have you worked on?
  • Accuracy of equipment proposed?
  • Noise of equipment proposed?
  • References and/or credits?
  • Will you sign a Confidentiality Agreement or NDA.

If you’re still not sure we’d recommend asking for sample data.

3D Scanning is not all about pressing a button and represents only 1/3 of the actual job which means the post processing is the important part and can make the difference between a job being successful or unsuccessful.

For more information or to request some sample data ask one of our qualified engineers or surveyors.

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