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Replicating an object that’s no longer in production is no longer a problem.
Where engineering the part again can be expensive and complicated, 3D technology gives you an accurate alternative, read on to find out how!

AEROSPACE –Our 3D laser scanning systems are commonly used throughout the aerospace industry due to their flexibility and high precision measurements. Non-Contact Laser inspections are ideal for the aerospace industry.
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AUTOMOTIVE – WYSIWYG 3D scanning can streamline the design cycle by reducing the number of prototypes needed during the design stage.
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ART – There are many different reasons for scanning 3D objects. Art conservators, model makers, foundries, prosthetics designers, anthropometricists, animators, archaeologists, medical artists and sculptors are all interested in these services.
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CULTURAL HERITAGE – WYSIWYG 3D scanning technology presents a fantastic opportunity to create digital copies of real world objects safely and accurately without running any risk of damaging the integrity of the cultural heritage.
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ENTERTAINMENT – Animation requires realistic 3D models to create special effects that appear seamless in films and television. 3D scanning can provide the fastest way to create realistic looking models.
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FORENSICS – We work with investigation teams and legal experts with an emphasis on reconstruction and evidence mapping
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JEWELLERY – Relatively new to 3D laser scanning is the design of fine jewellery.

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MANUFACTURING – 3D scanning creates an accurate computer model while minimising the time a tool is out of production.

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MILITARY – 3D laser scanning technology has been implemented in all levels of military defense inspection.

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MINING– Comparing finished manufactured parts and the tools that make them to the original 3D cad model is a growing requirement and ensures your part meets design specifications and tolerances.
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