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3D SCANNING – WYSIWYG 3D provides 3D Scanning capturing data using the latest in laser scanning and lidar technology from any of our 7 portable scanners
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GEOMAGIC TRAINING – Geomagic is the leading provider of software for creating digital models of physical objects.
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DIGITISING & PROBING – Digitising is the process of taking multiple single point measurements of 3D coordinates to build geometry.
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3D PRINTING – WYSIWYG 3D now adds 3D Printing bringing a total solution to your design and manufacturing needs.
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CYBER SCANNING – Using the revolutionary 3D scanner from Artec, Wysiwyg 3D are able to cyber scan bodies, heads and faces.
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VISUALISATION – Our 3D visualization services are suited to a range of applications from mining to architecture to heritage.
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QUALITY CONTROL – Why settle for two dimensional measurements when you can capture every detail of your as-built part? Measuring and comparing the entire part enables you to accurately pinpoint trouble spots.
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VEHICLE MOUNTED LIDAR SCANNING – Our Vehicle Mounted Laser Scanning System – GPS cordinated, self levelling, height adjustable scanning platform.
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REVERSE ENGINEERING – Reverse Engineering using 3D laser scanning or Lidar scanning is when a part or object is measured and then a cad model is generated to reflect how that part was to be designed originally.
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