Every now and then you get a project that you know is special and 3D scanning the 1914 Delage is special!

So special that ABC 7.30 Report thought everyone should know about it – and we couldn’t be prouder!

Not only does Shane Managing Director of Wysiwyg 3D love his cars but knows first hand what it takes to restore a car having completely restored a car whilst at high school – some 25 years ago.

This car is one of only three ever manufactured, so parts for the 1914 Delage weren’t the kind you get of the shelf!

Instead using the latest in 3D technology,  3D Scanning and 3D printing would bring the car back to life.

Shane was tasked with 3D Scanning the 1914 Delage, every detail meticulously scanned with the highest of accuracy using the Faro Arm and Nikon Modelmaker. Working with Project Manager Phil Guilfoyle the Wysiwyg 3d engineers  processed over hundreds of millions of points, to form the casting file or 3d model that would later go into the CSIRO owned Voxeljet Sand Printer.

3D Printing Technology has brought this car to life but without Team Delage this project may have never gotten of the ground!

The Delage Team included

Mr Stuart Murdoch Owner of GP Delage

Up The Creek Workshop Vintage Automotive Engineering

WYSIWYG 3D Advanced 3D Scanning and Printing

CSIRO Lab 22 Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Voxeljet AG 3D Printer Manufacture

Keech Australia Foundry and Metallurgical Engineering

Phil Guilfoyle Project Management in Heritage Automotive

To read about it head to 3D Printing Industry or on 3D Scanning and 3D Printing you’ll even see Shane 3D Scanning!

And more info on ABC TV – or if you want to watch the 7.30 Report head to IView ABC at about 25mins in – Happy Watching!

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