The APDG Awards is an annual event that gathers together professionals from the Australian film, television, stage and interactive multimedia industries, to celebrate the art of visually captivating audiences the world over.

The awards recognise outstanding achievements and excellence in design for works that have been broadcast, screened or performed for the first time in the Australian financial year beginning 1st July 2018 and ending 30th June 2019.

Applications Now Open


  1. Animation Design for screen
  2. Costume Design for a feature film
  3. Costume Design for a live performance
  4. Costume Design for a television production
  5. Costume Design on a web series
  6. Design for a commercial
  7. Design for a live event
  8. Design for a live performance
  9. Design for a short film or music clip
  10. Design for an interactive or experiential game
  11. Concept Design: drawing, concept illustration and concept models for screen, events, interactive exhibition and live performance
  12. Emerging Designer for live performance: for student or emerging set, costume or lighting Design
  13. Emerging Designer for screen: for student or emerging animation, costume, production or VFX Design
  14. Lighting Design for a live performance
  15. Make-up and Hair Design: for film television or live performance
  16. Production Design for a feature film
  17. Production Design for a television drama
  18. Production Design for a television production
  19. Production Design for a web series
  20. Set Decoration: for a feature film or television
  21. Set Design for a live performance
  22. Title Design
  23. Visual Effects or Video Design: for a live performance or screen

The APDG also presents another four awards at the discretion of the Judging Committee. These awards cannot be entered.

  1. Lifetime Achievement in live performance – awarded via panel
  2. Lifetime Achievement in screen – awarded via panel
  3. Cameron Creswell Award
  4. Thelma Afford Award

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