Articles sourced from around the globe to give you ideas on how you can use the latest in 3D Technology right here in Australia from the Engineers at Wysiwyg 3D.

For the best 3d Scanning story – it’s ours of course! Nicholson Museum, Sydney University used Scanning to create a digital archival record that can later be used to conduct further research  – As seen on ABC 7.30 Report!  Archaeologists find 2,500-year-old mummy in ’empty’ coffin – Yes I’m bias but it was pretty dam exciting to see our 3D Scanning on TV – and then tour the world – BBC News, Miami Herald, Washington Post, The Olympian, MashableUSA Today and get translated in a few different languages – like Spanish and Slovenian!

Sensors make world’s first 3D printed steel bridge ‘a living laboratory’.

The Natural History Museum in the UK have a digital collections program and are scanning whale skulls.

3D scanning optimizes food packaging design .

Jurassic dinosaur skull reconstructed with CT scans and modelling.

Ancient Sculptures Return to Mosul as Digitally Reconstructed Replicas.

3D Scanning and Printing Tasmanian Tiger Joeys to Give Insight into Extinct Animal.

Long-lost Bronze Age landscape on Ramsey Island featuring forts, burial grounds and the site of a 4,500-year-old chapel is found using lasers.

Bac Giang: Bo Da pagoda’s woodblocks recognised as national treasure