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Not that we want you to buy 3D Scanners – but this article raises some really great points – for example
“Sadly most information online about 3D scanning consists of overoptimistic overclaim. Many supposed “3D scanner guides” cannot possibly have been made through actually using the 3D scanners “reviewed” themselves. Anyone who tells you that 3D scanning is easy and simple and works all the time is lying to you. Most 3D scanning is still a rather artisanal affair that has to be done with care and skill. Setting up scans, scanning and repairing files is getting easier but still requires skill as well”. It’s easier just to use Wysiwyg 3D – we have 7 different scanners and over 20 years experience!        3D Scanning buying guide

 3D Printing & Movies – When 3D Printers Steal the Spotlight

Laser scanning shows up hidden military tunnels on Alcatraz

3D Footwear Scanning

Measuring facial skin thickness

ADB Safegate to upgrade DFW Airport’s A-VDGS

Car scanner finds problems the human eye would miss

Retailers Turn to Analytics, 3D Tech to Promote Fit, Reduce Returns

3D printed coracle coming to new Ironbridge museum

3D scan in Dunfermline searches for secrets of St Margaret – the ‘forgotten’ Queen of Scotland

Archaeologists remove Scottish heroine St. Margaret’s relic to learn more about her life

Why Additive Manufacturing Needs the Executive Perspective

For a little bit of light reading head to Metal AM Spring 2019 by Australia’s very own 3D Printing Guru Alex Kingsbury

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