An amazing Australian first surgery performed by Sydney Surgeon Dr Joe Dusseldorp who needed both 3D Scanning and 3D Printing to provide Maxim followed closely by Sebastian with a 3D printed ear!

The custom 3D printed technique has several advantages over the rib technique, can be performed with less pain and time in hospital, it only requires one stage, and it can be performed at a younger age (often being completed prior to starting school).

Dr Joe Dusseldorp

Maxim is Australia’s first 3D printed ear recipient as seen on Channel 10 News

Fore more Information on Dr Joe Dusseldorp’s ground breaking surgery Visit Dr Joe’s Dusseldorp’s Blog Instagram and Ramsay Health Care. 

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Proud to have played a small role in 3D Scanning, designing and 3D Printing the masks to be used as a surgical guide for the Australian First and Second 3D Printed Ear recipients.

Photos: Sebastian courtesy of Dr Joe Dusseldorp