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Laser Scanning Technology revolutionises the way customers Design and Manufacture

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  • Independant Service Provider
  • Over 15 years scanning experience
  • Largest range of scanners Australia wide.
  • Can scan anything from a single tooth and coins to aircraft, stadiums, race tracks or buildings even people!
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Advice from our own Engineers
  • Mobile scanning technology with 7 different scanners – Suit any application or industry big or small.
  • Cad models can be exported in a variety of file types such as STL, STEP, IGES that directly import into industry standard packages such as Solidworks, Pro Engineer, Maya, Catia and Rhino.
    One of our qualified Engineers can help determine which scanner best suits your application..
Our non-contact scanner is used for small objects with high detail.
  • Perfect for dental moulds, teeth and coins
  • Uses Phase shifting opitcal triangulation
  • Very high accuracy – 0.01mm
  • High Resolution 0.06mm
  • Refer to Triangulation for an explanation
Our portable CMM Arm and Laser Attachment are used for small to medium objects with intricate to moderate detail.
  • Suits small engine components, car parts, pumps,
  • High accuracy up to 0.03mm
  • Refer to Triangulation for an explanation
3D Laser Scanning camera is used for small to medium sized objects with moderate detail when full portability is required (fits in hand held luggage). Colour scanning available.
  • Used for scanning people including full bodies and heads – characters for movies and ads,
  • Also castings, sculptures, cultural heritage objects
  • Accuracy up to 0.5mm
  • Resolution up to
  • Refer to Triangulation for an explanation
The Artec Group Broadway Scanner has a larger field of view but without colour and is used for larger sized objects
  • Used for large organic parts and objects
  • Possible to scan moving objects – motion capture for sport or in the film industry
  • Accuracy to 1-2mm
  • Resolution up to 0.2mm
  • Refer to Structured Light scanning for an explanation.
Our Long Range Terrestrial/Engineering Scanner is used for medium to large objects with high detail
  • Used for movie sets, cars, streets, aircraft, houses, mining complexs and machinery
  • Uses phase shift hemispherical scanner with 360°-270° field of view
  • Very high Accuracy on large objects (0.2mm@5m)
  • High Resolution 0.8mm
  • Very Low Noise
    Refer to Interferomotery for an explanation
Our Long Range Terrestrial/Surveying Scanner is used for large objects with moderate detail
  • Used for large buildings, facades, stadiums, accident and construction sites
  • High Accuracy on large objects (2mm up to 130m)
  • High Resolution
  • Low Noise
    Refer to Interferomotery for an explanation
The Scan&Go is the latest technology in Vehicle Mounted Systems, GPS co-ordinated, self levelling, height adjustable, scanning platform.

Working with either of our terrestrial scanners will enable 360 degree capture whilst maintaining the highest data quality level possible. Processing time back in the office is greatly reduced by combining the position of the GPS and the density and detail of the terrestrial scanner with minimal impact on the environment. Can be mounted on the Wysi 4×4 ute even a boat.


3D SCANNING – WYSIWYG 3D provides 3D Scanning capturing data using the latest in laser scanning and lidar technology from any of our 7 portable scanners
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This allows us to 3D scan almost anything from teeth, coins, people, automotive tools and parts, sculpture, cars, boats and buildings among many other things.

Each 3D scanner has a different capability, accuracy and range and is selected by our qualified and experienced staff members to suit your project and application.

Laser scanning has many advantages and is now replacing traditional methods with fast data capture, superior accuracy and a reduced need for site re-visits.



GEOMAGIC TRAINING – Geomagic is the leading provider of software for creating digital models of physical objects.
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Engineers, Manufacturers and Designers use Geomagic Studio, Geomagic Wrap and Geomagic Qualify for Reverse Engineering, Inspection of parts and Product Design.

Wysiwyg 3D can provide Certified Geomagic training courses at our facility or your premises. We can also use your own scanning equipment to import into Geomagic.

Geomagic Training Content

Wysiwyg 3D offers training services in all aspects of Geomagic including Fashion, Qualify and Studio. Curriculum for the courses can either be standard training or we can tailor specifically to your application or industry!



DIGITISING & PROBING – Digitising is the process of taking multiple single point measurements of 3D coordinates to build geometry.
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This type of data acquisition is used frequently for inspection and reverse engineering applications with mostly geometric entities.


3D PRINTING – WYSIWYG 3D now adds 3D Printing bringing a total solution to your design and manufacturing needs.
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The latest in Multi-Jet Modeling technology the Projet 3500 HD Max delivers robust, durable and more importantly high quality plastic parts. A High Speed printing mode, an expanded print envelope and larger total part sizes are just a few of the benefits of this style of 3D Printing.

Full-color 3D printing is also availble to produce exceptional high-resolution models. Ideal for stop motion animation, professional model shops, consumer product design and development, digital manufacturing, fine art production and more.



CYBER SCANNING – Using the revolutionary 3D scanner from Artec, Wysiwyg 3D are able to cyber scan bodies, heads and faces.
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With truly portable equipment our engineers can come to your location, set up is quick and easy, 3d laser scanning can take as little as 5-10 minutes for each hero

Applications include animation of people to target realistic expressions, movie making, medical imaging to capture body shape changes and anthropometric studies as well as standard inanimate object scanning.

There are endless opportunities as to how we can use that 3D model. Enlargements, reductions, exact size replicas for scaling or restorations. Plastic, wood, foam and granite are just some of the materials that we are able to create from a 3D model. Processes such as rapid prototyping, 3D printing and milling are also created from a 3D model.



VISUALISATION – Our 3D visualization services are suited to a range of applications from mining to architecture to heritage.
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By merging technologies from laser scanning, HDR photogrammetry and projection we are able to re-create and extend an existing subject in a virtual space where other supportive material can be introduced to tell the story.

Leveraging our skills from the visual effects industry our finished product has a level of finish and artistic flair that is in a league of its own in photo realism and communication.


QUALITY CONTROL – Why settle for two dimensional measurements when you can capture every detail of your as-built part? Measuring and comparing the entire part enables you to accurately pinpoint trouble spots.
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Using the latest in cyber scanning technology and software Wysiwyg 3D can provide an analysis and perform in-depth product and process assessment.

After scanning or digitising your part/object our fully trained engineers are able to compare the scanned item with either the design cad model or a dimensioned 2D drawing aiding the designer’s understanding of the problems and enabling quicker turnaround time for design or manufacturing changes.

Inspection and approval can now be completed in hours instead of weeks – accelerating time to market, significantly reducing cost and giving you a measurable competitive advantage.



VEHICLE MOUNTED LIDAR SCANNING – Our Vehicle Mounted Laser Scanning System – GPS cordinated, self levelling, height adjustable scanning platform.
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Working with either of our terrestrial scanners will enable 360 degree capture whilst maintaining the highest data quality level possible.

Processing time back in the office is greatly reduced by combining the position of the GPS and the density and detail of the terrestrial scanner with minimal impact on the environment.

More than just a “pretty point cloud”, we can export the data file in a range of file formats for use by other design and construction industry professionals.

Vehicle Mounted Lidar Scanning is Suitable for construction, road or rail projects.


REVERSE ENGINEERING – Reverse Engineering using 3D laser scanning or Lidar scanning is when a part or object is measured and then a cad model is generated to reflect how that part was to be designed originally.
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Not only is it efficient it is a highly accurate way of measuring simple or complex shapes for a number of reasons.

Cad models can be delivered in a number of formats depending on your project.


Aerospace | Archaeology | Art | Automotive | BIM |  Consumer Product | Dental | Education | Events | Fashion | Film |  Forensics | Heritage | Jewellery | Manufacturing | Medical | Military | Racing | TVC

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