15 AprWhy Choose Wysiwyg 3D

Questions to Ask when selecting a 3D Scanning Services Provider! So you’ve searched Google and received¬†a bunch of quotes from the…

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13 Jun3D Scanning for Newbies – Part 3

Frequently Asked Questions – Part 3 So you’ve searched Google and received a bunch of quotes from the growing list of 3D Scanning…

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3d scanning

30 May3D Scanning for Newbies – Part 2

Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2 3D Scanning is “really cool” (we do hear that a bit and we’re a bit…

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13 May3D Scanning for Newbies – Part 1

Frequently Asked Questions 3D Scanning is often forgotten about compared to the more talked about 3D Printing but together they make…

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